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Tear Drop Love (aka The Blog Shop) is a fashion blog and store, all wrapped in one. This is a great place to find deals, shop and see the latest fashion trends. We decided to create a blog that we could not only sell some of the hottest fashion jewelry but to also share on interest in fashion. We will keep you updated with the latest fashion trends and accessories.

Tear Drop Love was created with personal style and fashion in mind. Our overall goal is to share information via our blog but also provide you with awesome fashion accessories and jewelry that will not make you break the bank. We will also host contests and free giveaways via this site so stay tuned and, and be sure to share our blog. So browse our blog, comment, follow us, and shop a little. Be sure to share us with your friends.

Alisha Wise – Owner/Blogger
Cheri Savoy – Co-Owner

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Jewelry 101



A combination of two or more metals.

Sterling silver

A silver alloy containing 92.5% silver, often noted as 925.


A combination of sterling silver, gold, and other precious metals.


A gold or silver wire that has been twisted into patterns.



A stone with no facets and a rounded, domed surface.


A faceted, tear-drop shaped stone. (If not faceted, just called a “drop.”)


A gemstone cut with a rectangular or square cross-section and rounded corners.



Stones set close together, with no metal showing between them. (Think “paved.”)


A gemstone held in its mounting by a narrow band of metal surrounding the girdle (outside perimeter) of the stone.


Small stones or pearls arranged a larger stone in a setting.


Freshwater pearls

Pearls cultivated in mollusks, not oysters, and found in fresh, warm water. Generally elongated in shape (though they can be a range of shapes), they have a milky, translucent appearance.

Cultured pearl

Human intervention is used to start the pearl's formation in an oyster or mussel.


The iridescent coating on the inside of oyster shells.


Art Deco

The style of the 1920s and ’30s, noted by flat geometric shapes and bold color contrasts.


Characterized by wavy lines and large stones, often set in rose gold. A bold, solid look developed in the 1940s and ’50s.


A Bohemian, hippie look that's often nontraditional but artistic. An eclectic mix of styles with global influences.


Abstract, up-to-date, new takes on old classics.


Clean, classic style that keeps up with the trends.


Elements of wood, stones, leather, and natural hues.



The unit of weight for a diamond or other gemstone and also for a pearl, equivalent to 200mg. Measured as a number out of 24 parts (so 14-carat equals a 14/24 gold alloy, while 24-carat is pure gold).


A flat cut or polished face on a gemstone.


When a cavity is routed into a metal and something else (like a gemstone) is fitted into it.


A measure of the reflectivity of light on a mineral’s surface.


A milky whitish, blue-ish type of iridescence.


The natural effect of use and age on a surface. Rich patinas can enhance beauty and add value.


A glass-like substance that is fired at a high temperature (up to 840° C) and used as decoration. May be transparent or opaque. (Some techniques date back to ancient China!)


A hanging ornament, often from necklaces, pins, and earrings.

Chandelier earrings

Also known as shoulder dusters, they're reminiscent of mini chandeliers.

Bib necklace

A necklace with a heavy, thick part at the chest and a thinner strand around the neck, like a baby's bib (but way more chic).